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  • Grouting injection machine
  • Grouting injection machine
  • Grouting injection machine
Grouting injection machineGrouting injection machineGrouting injection machine

Grouting injection machine

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  • high pressure
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Product Introduction

The high pressure grouting machine also name injection pumps, which is made of special tough-resisting material both inside and outside so that it is more solid and durable to eliminate the insufficient of tradtional water curing agent pressure and internal stoppage,corrosion and other defects.The fuselage is fitted with one or two special water valves and outlet valves for suction and discharge.the material of the product is water as dispersion medium polymer.This material is dissolved in water after doesn’t increase the viscosity of water.Driven by the pressure of the grouting equipment.it can seep through all the gaps the permeate the water,at the moment,it happened curable reaction and formed an acid-proof,corrosion-resistant,highly flexible,100% impervious colloid.Then it is closely associated with the ground mud to fill all the leaks,Thus,the purpose of plugging the leak is achieved.

Technical Parameter

Net weight


Pressure of starting again


Rate Power


Pressure of maxium output


Safe range of switch valve


Maxium bursting pressure of high pressure   hose


Rated Voltage


The length of hose


Standard Configuration

High pressure gauge 2PCS,

High pressure hose(5m) 2PCS,

Single or Double liquid switch valve 1PCS,

Tool bag 1PCS

Scope of application

The family bathroom,swimming pool,exterior wall,basement,garage roof,elevator shaft,tunnels,bridges,subway,dams,harbor,civil air denfense engineering,etc.hairline cracks of the waterproofing plugging,seepage control engineering,fill in basement of the building,the inner wall,the structure,the bricks,the concrete parts,the wet crack and the actural building of the contact surface.

New Type:

injection machine with the remote control.pnginjection machine new2.png

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