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SOP production line

  • SOP production Line
  • SOP production Line
  • SOP production Line
SOP production LineSOP production LineSOP production Line

SOP production Line

  • Advanced design
  • High quality
  • Full line equipment
  • Mannheim Technology
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SOP production Line

       Mannheim process potassium sulfate production technology "is a significant potassium fertilizer production technology. When it comes to its introduction, absorption and development in China, people will not forget Chen Yiquan, a Taiwanese entrepreneur known as the" father of Mannheim in China "; In the meantime, we have explored the same way with the former, and incorporated the Mannheim law with the mainland of China, and a number of entrepreneurs and researchers from the mainland. Among them, the chief engineer of potassium sulfate, as the representative of Aswift Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the outstanding representatives. Our two generations have made great contributions to the Chinese mainland's root cause, dissemination and development of China's potassium sulphate industry.

      What we will supply?

Technical consultation, design service, production line equipment and material supply, technical training and successful commissioning;


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